Dwayne Campbell

Dwayne Campbell is an immigrant from Jamaica, and proud husband to Sandy and father to Ace. In his professional life, he is an evaluator who uses data to develop equitable policies that improve conditions among historically disenfranchised groups. Presently an Executive Fellow with Fuse Corps, Dwayne is assigned to the City of Durham to support the Community Safety and Wellness Task Force in building innovative and human-centered unarmed responses to crisis calls. Dwayne has taught at the high school, college, and graduate school level. Most recently, he was the Director of Postsecondary Access at the Emily Krzyzewski Center in Durham, NC, and previously led evaluation efforts at UNC’s Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. A data-driven expert, Dwayne employs “empowerment and utilization-focused evaluation” to ascertain reliable and valid findings. His systems change approach produces sustainable transformations that withstand the volatility of the unexpected.

He received his undergraduate at the University of the West Indies, master’s degrees from Boston College, and doctorate from University of Rochester.

Dwayne Campbell Headshot