Fabiola Salas Villalobos

Fabiola Salas Villalobos has been part of the NCEN for more than five years and is honored to serve as the treasurer. She is a seasoned educator, program coordinator and evaluator adept at research and training. She also has a background in geography, which was her first professional career. Her life experiences and education shaped her Costa Rican identity with a strong critical social conscience. If she had not experienced the events in her life journey, including the re-conceptualization of herself as a racialized being in the US, she would not be able to do the work that she does (teaching, supporting anti-racist education, conducting program evaluation, and doing research) in the way that she does it. She has provided program evaluation services to The Duke and UNC Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Duke Office of Durham and Regional Affairs, Carolina Asia Center, African Studies Center, UNC Center for European Studies, and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, among others. She holds a Ph.D. in Education, Cultural Studies, and Literacies from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. In her free time, she is a hockey mom of an elementary-age boy, mother and friend of a teenager son, wife of a wonderful Czech man, and caregiver of a beautiful German shepherd.

Fabiola Salas Villalobos Headshot