NCEN is the North Carolina local affiliate of the American Evaluation Association. We started as an informal network of evaluators in the Research Triangle area but have expanded to include evaluators from across the state. Benefits of membership in NCEN include:

  • Free or reduced-price virtual professional development and educational programming
  • Active members-only listserv
  • Inviting atmosphere for networking with evaluators from across NC
  • In-person social gatherings
  • Leadership opportunities on the NCEN board and/or committees

Our Current Board

Dwayne Campbell

Dwayne Campbell Headshot

Ellen Wilson

Ellen Wilson Headshot
Vice President

Fabiola Salas Villalobos

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Jackie Ceron Hernandez

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Kamna Mantode

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Member at Large

Callie Womble Edwards

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Member at Large

Our History

1999 informal Group Assembled

In 1999, Sally L. Bond organized a group of evaluators working as independent consultants in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina to meet informally once a month over lunch. This group, known as RTP Evaluators (RTPE), was the predecessor to the North Carolina Evaluators Network (NCEN). The focus of RTPE was to help members connect, support each other, and share ideas about evaluation and running a consulting business. Over time, it evolved to include evaluators who were not independent consultants and to incorporate some professional development activities.

2009 AEA local affiliate established

By 2008, members felt they were ready to be part of a more formal group focused on professional development and decided to apply to become a local affiliate of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). With help from Bianca Montrosse-Moorhead, a founder of the Southern California Evaluation Association, Bond submitted an application for affiliate status to AEA’s Board of Directors. In 2009, the application was approved, and the first slate of officers was elected.

2021 Statewide expansion

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, all of RTPE’s activities shifted online, which allowed the organization to extend its geographic reach. In 2021, the board decided to formally expand the organization’s focus beyond the Research Triangle area to include evaluators from across the state of North Carolina and to change its name to North Carolina Evaluators Network.

Our Mission

NCEN’s mission is to enhance evaluation practices and networking in North Carolina and promote evaluation as a profession.

Our Vision

NCEN’s vision is to build an active network of professionals committed to enhancing evaluation capacity within and beyond their organizations.

Our Values


We welcome members, at any stage in their career, who practice evaluation, supervise evaluations, or simply want to learn more about the profession and practice. Members include those who work within an organization as well as independent consultants,as well as students from all disciplines.


We value the full range of traditional and cutting-edge evaluation practices and methods, and welcome perspectives from a variety of fields.


We value individuals who are passionate about advancing their practice and thinking, and who are equally passionate about contributing to the development of others.